miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013


Here you have the songs/carols for  December 18th  song contest. Learn the lyrics and practice as much as you can at home ( if your family allow you to ). In class, all the bilingual teachers and , of course, the music teacher will do our best to make you sound like a professional choir!. Good luck! ( Will you please leave a comment on your performace?)

Silent night
Jingle bell rock

Santa Claus is coming to town
Jingle Bells 

Happy Christmas (War is over)
Last Christmas.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Let it snow.


Hecho con tus sueños (Maldita Nerea)

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  1. Hi teacher I'm Irene, I know a Christmas carol that is a part in English and other one in Spanish. It's very easy because all the time is the same lyrics. Here you are.

  2. Hi teacher, I dont know how you are but I hope its good. The teachers told us that youve loved the video we made you. THATS COOL. We miss you so much, the english teachers are good but we miss you, we want you to get well soon, and come back. I hope youll answer me, I really want to know how you are, sorry for not writting you before that was bad, Ive been doing all my english homework!! (more or less) Lorena is still having good marks and Maria lago is now in our bilingual class. This year it been a good one for me in school, I hope you have a good one also. lots of love.


    1. Hello Marina!!

      Thank you for your message! I feel well but I still can't go back to work. Everything is going OK and I hope to get better soon. I also miss you all and want to be back as soon as possible.
      I really loved your video and I have shown it to all my family and friends and they also think that you are lovely!

      Your Englih has improved and I'm very proud of all of you!
      Say hello to everybody and SEE YOU SOON!!!

      Lots of hugs and kisses from your teacher,

      Mª Paz