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 In 1605, a group of Catholic conspirators plotted to assassinate King James I of England (and VI of Scotland) by blowing up the House of Lords during the opening of parliament.

They hid kegs full of gunpowder in the cellars beneath the chamber where the king and the rest of the political elite would assemble. Enough powder was stored to completely destroy the building and kill everyone present.

One of the conspirators, Guy Fawkes, was tasked with igniting this huge bomb. It is Fawkes' effigy that is still burned on 5 November bonfires to this day.

Task for homework:

1.- Click on the picture.

2.- Play the game.
3.- Copy the right answers.

4.- Write the story in your notebook in chronological order.

5.- Vote in the poll: Did you enjoy the game?

6.- As usual, leave a comment on the blog.

I hope you have fun!

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  1. hello teacher, I am Alba. The exercise is very easy, very interesting and funny. This exercise has got the interesting history and I did´nt have mistakes. bye bye teacher :)

  2. Hi teacher I´m Paco. The activity in general was easy, I do twice times the activity, one for copy and the other for do it. Bye teacher

  3. Hi teacher. As usual, the exercice was interesting. Byee :)

  4. Hello teacher!!!! I'm Lorena! I did the exercise, and I liked it :) I have some mistakes. For me, some questions was difficult, because I didn't know the answers! Thank you very much! Bye and kisses :)

  5. Hello teacher. How are you ?? I think that you'll Ok, About the exercise I had some questions wrongly. I think that the activity it's interesting, is to learn about things that we didn't know and is to speed up the memory.
    Techer thank you to prepare this astivities ...
    See you tomorrow in class ... Bye bye and Muakiitos

  6. This is a very interesting exercise beacause you learn about Guy Fawkes historys' , I like the excercise as this , Buy see you tomorrow theacher... I'm Desy ;)

  7. Hi teacher, I am Germán, this history is very interesting, the exercises are exciting and intriguing. Bye teacher.

  8. Hi teacher, for me it's a boring activity I wait the five minutes to see how the chamber explote I said ¡FIRE! and I do it again to complete the history BYE!

  9. albertoo CARAJA lopez18 de noviembre de 2013, 11:23

    Hi teacher I'm doing this with serrano and this is some boring but it's funny to see, see you in the next hour! BYE

  10. Hi teacher, how it´s going? :D
    I´m here now with Kiko writing the comments, because we forgot to do it at home. The game wasn´t funny or interesting, because Guy Fawkes didn´t blow up the House of Lords, and the "Game Over" was the funniest thing in the game. I´m sure that you would have to aprove this comment in class, because it left only one hour for our English class :D
    Well, that´s all, cya l8r teacher : )
    Hey, check out another song, this time by a old group called Genesis :D

  11. Hi, teacher.
    This activity is interesting and I think this activities are good to learn the history of Guy Fawkes. This is good, because we can learn "Culturilla" of United Kingdom. I like these types of activities.
    Good Bye!!!!!!!!!
    I'm Kiko.

  12. Hello teacher!
    I had the activity the last day, but I had not some sentences.
    I've finished the sentences, don't worry.
    Well, the activity is good and I like it.
    It is interesting, because we learn about the culture of the UK, and it is good for us because if someone ask us and we know, we can answer them, without any problems.
    See you tomorrow!

  13. Hi teacher !
    The activity was good. I like it.
    I would like you put more interactive games on the blog,like this. It's so fun.
    The game was interesting ,as always.
    It's good for us to learn about the culture of other countries because we become more educated.
    Byee,see you tomorrow. xx ♥♥♥
    PS: How are you? I hope you're OK. ^__^