lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013


Click here and do the exercise. When you finish, leave a comment. How many did you get right? Was it easy? Which sentence was the most difficult for you? Why?

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  1. Hi, Teacher.
    I´m Kiko.
    The exercise is easy, interesting and very good to learn the past simple and the past continous. I like this type of activity.
    I have had eight corrects and two mistakes. My problem is the questions in past continous. I´m the first in comment.
    Good bye!!!

  2. Hello teacher, I'm Javi. I think that the exercise isn't easy but I have six corrects and four mistakes. I have two mistakes in the past simple and other two in past continous.
    Bye Bye.
    Good night.

  3. Hello teacher , I am Luis . I did the exercises ten minutes ago but for me are boring . Bye

  4. Hi teacher I did 9 right, I had a mistake in the phrase 8 because I wrote it like past simple because the phrase 6 is repeat so I thought that it can be written of both ways. All of them are easy. The most difficult for me was the phrase 9 because I didn't know how I must did it. I think that do exercises on the internet is better that do it in the notebook that is soooooo boring! Well I have to say bye because I think that my comment is sufficiently long, sooooo... BYE!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  5. Hello Teacher ...
    OMG!! The activity it was very difficult HAHAHA ...
    No, no, no the activity it was easy but there was one question that it was difficul for my intelligence, I think. So the question it is the number 9, all the others questions I had right .. so GOOD for my no ? HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the activity teacher youu are the best.
    Kisses byee byeee :'')

  6. Hello teacher!!! I'm Lorena! I did the exercise and I had eight right and two mistakes ( in sentence number nine and ten). I think that is a very good form to learn the grammar! I enjoyed it! Thank you very much :) Good bye and kisses! See you on Monday :)

  7. Hi teacher !!
    The activity was good,but a little bit bored.
    Hahaha don't get angry,it's a joke. I have 9 correct sentences and 1 mistake. The question that I have a mistake is the number 7. When I read the question again,I think that was easy .The activity was very easy for me.
    Byee,xoxo ♥

  8. Hi teache!! I think that the exercise It was easy. I had 8 correts but the other was incorret. I think that It was a very interesting exercise. Bye Thecher XO ...( Desy )

  9. Hi teacher!! The activity was soooooo bored. Sorry. I had 7 corrects and I had one wrong because I wrote wrong. Hehehe. Well its not so difficult I think its normal. Anyway thank you for do it:) bye

    1. Thank you for your comment but.....WHO ARE YOU?

    2. HELLO!!..
      Teacher I did the activity and y thought that it's interesting and easy. I had a problem in the sentence number nine and all of the other sontences I had right.
      Goodbye, See you tomorrow in class HAHAHA ...

    3. Hello teacher.I'm Adrian.
      The exercise is easy and interesting.
      Is good exercise.

  10. Hi teacher! The exercise is very easy. I didn't have any error. I think that it's a good idea do exercises in internet. See you soon. ERIC

  11. Hi teacher! I didn"t have any mistake because they were easy.
    xoxo, see you soon, byee

  12. Hello teacher!
    How are you? I hope that you are fine.
    I'm very happy because I didn't have mistakes! It's perfect:D
    I think that the activity is really easy, but maybe I have been lucky!
    I like do the activities of the blog. I hope that there are more activities: For Chistmas, for other days, it isn't necessary that they are a special day.
    They can be activities about songs ♫, too.
    Sorry for not sending the comment when I had to do it.
    Kisses and hugs! ♥
    See you tomorrow!